Lithuanian poetry will be translated into the Persian (Farsi) language

 Neither a tern nor a star:  rain, only rain is a second collection of Lithuanian poetry to appear soon in Iran. Its precursor Handpicked Raspberries published in 2008 was the first book of Lithuanian poetry translated into the Persian language. The book that had almost 200 pages contained verses of as many as 45 Lithuanian authors. They were translated from the English and German languages by E.S.Tavakoli and Ali Abdollahi.

The second collection of verses is a little thicker than the first one. Apart from the verses by 45 Lithuania authors that were put in the first book it contains some verses by the contemporary authors. One of them is Birutė Mar. The publishers used a line from Donaldas Kajokas’ verse for the title of the book. The cover was designed by Iliya Tahamtani who the translator E.S.Tavakoli considers to be one of the best and most distinguished artists in Iran

Iran is one of those countries where poetry has been liked and cherished since olden times. The Iranian translator of Lithuanian poetry Ehteram Sadat Tavakoli said that there were plenty of different clubs in Iran, readings of poetry attracted large audiences, and a poet was a highly respected man. The translator stated that Romantic poetry created by our poets of earlier generations which glorified innocent love, described nature and similar things was close to the Iranians. “Lithuania is a small country but the horizons of its creative work are infinite as if a boundless ocean full of love and feeling. The further I live the more desperately I want to visit your country, only I do not know when I shall be able to do that”, the Iranian translator wrote in her letter to the co-ordinator of the International Cultural Programme Centre Kotryna Pranckūnaitė.

Cover ofthe second collection of Lithuanian poetry 
Neither a tern nor a star:  rain, only rain

Cover of the first collection of Lithuanian poetry in Farsi Handipicked Raspberries, published in 2008.